Hoping Jones Committee comic and IP Design Projects.2019

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B4+,full color 36pages per book, color. with a Design Sleeve Cover and Hard Cover.

(French version)


A sophisticated dystopian banquet!

A beautiful yet miserable sci-fi comic !




The Mu Empire is a mighty and supreme empire that rules with an iron fist, but their overly developed technology caused the exhaustion of natural resources. In secret, the Empire is making several evil plans before the catastrophe falls. D0226, a scientific engineer, receives an encrypted message from her superior. For the future of mankind, she begins her secret mission.

The Artist KCN uses strange but meticulous stroke to create a mad, decaying world. With his incredibly visual artwork exquisitely showing all the glorious collection of the primal desires, he has invented an alternative dark art for steampunk sci-fi.


MU EMPIRE  ⥤  The Comic and Art collections

Artist Profile
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氫酸鉀 KCN

​藝術家本名 吳旭曜  姆帝國主力藝術家

氫酸鉀 - 用蒸汽龐克風格來述說過去時代的記憶及情懷。

KCN – Using Steampunk to narrate the memories and feelings of the past.

  •  目前是雙影創藝公司及上品生活科技公司特約漫畫家

  •  2018~2019年新作 MU姆 及 MU EMPIRE 姆帝國

  •  2020~MU EMPIRE the Comic 及 MU Ray art projects. 

Currently a contracted comic artist at Vmage Corp. 2018~2021 MU and MU EMPIRE projects.