Hoping Jones Committee comic and IP Design Projects.2019




A3+,10pcs per set Art Prints,color. SET A

A3+,10pcs per set Art Prints,color. SET B






A sophisticated dystopian banquet!

A beautiful yet miserable sci-fi steampunk work!

The Mu Empire is a mighty and supreme empire that rules with an iron fist, but its overly developed technology caused the exhaustion of natural resources. In secret, the Empire made several evil plans before the catastrophe is to fall.

D0226, a science engineer who lives in the empire, receives an encrypted message from her superior. For the future of mankind, she begins her secret mission.

The Artist KCN uses strange but meticulous stroke to create a mad, decaying world. With his extremely visual artwork, showing the glorious gathered by all the primal desires, he has invented an alternative dark art for sci-fi comic's project.

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