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AB4+,36pages per book, color. Hard Cover.

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A3+,10pcs per set Art Prints,color. SET A

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A3+,10pcs per set Art Prints,color. SET B






A sophisticated dystopian banquet!

A beautiful yet miserable sci-fi steampunk work!

The Mu Empire is a mighty and supreme empire that rules with an iron fist, but its overly developed technology caused the exhaustion of natural resources. In secret, the Empire made several evil plans before the catastrophe is to fall.

D0226, a science engineer who lives in the empire, receives an encrypted message from her superior. For the future of mankind, she begins her secret mission.

The Artist KCN uses strange but meticulous stroke to create a mad, decaying world. With his extremely visual artwork, showing the glorious gathered by all the primal desires, he has invented an alternative dark art for sci-fi comic's project.

Decent Idea,Vmage

Size:A4<,BW vol1.

Size:A4<,BW vol2.


主角代號H(嵌合體),自幼與其他孩子一樣在實驗室頻繁進行著"測驗",且在所有樣體中被視為最接近成功的實驗體。 直到某天,H被梅麗莎帶離實驗室,途中他因目睹梅麗莎遭到軍隊射殺而...


A Fate's mark cannot be erased, but its meaning is for you to decide.

     The main character, code ‘H' has been put through numerous ‘tests' with other children like him in the laboratory and is considered to be the specimen closest to success. Yet one day, H was taken from the lab by Dr. Melissa. During their escape, he witnessed Melissa being shot by the pursuing troops, and in a fit of rage, he turned into something unexpected.

H's brand could be an abbreviation for Hell, but it could also be for Hope. Though H cannot change the fact that he was an experiment, he can contemplate how he could use his cruelty to bring others hope.

Code H , @2019 illustration - BASE

Decent Idea,Vmage

size: A4<,BW vol1




The real demon is always deep down in our minds

Finn steals a precious item from his own “family” and is being hunted down for it.

After fighting off his pursuers, Finn escapes out of the woods. However, what appears in front of him is what he dreads to see the most -- humans.

At the same time, Vanbrugh High School Leavers’ Ball is in full swing, but the police station keeps getting a series of calls which they think are prank calls from the students. DS Smith and his team decide to investigate.

Demon Inside , @2019 illustration - CRASH

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